"Böögg on Stage" All-Purpose Cleaner Set

“Böögg on Stage” All-Purpose Cleaner Set

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Plum Linen Tablecloth

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Plum Linen Tablecloth

“Züribubble” All-Purpose Cleaner Set

CHF 35.90

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Cleaning in style with a natural cleaner in a stylish glass bottle!

The all-purpose cleaner set contains:

– 1 x glass bottle with a spray head and a special design by Swiss artists
– 1 x Refill with 30 mL cleaning concentrate powered by EcoClean®

How it works:
Open – concentrate – water – done!

Remove the spray head and empty the entire contents of the 30 mL cleaning concentrate into the glass bottle. Now fill the bottle up to the mark with approx. 500 mL of cold tap water. Your art design all-purpose cleaner is ready!

Here’s what you can clean with it:
The ZHΛM all-Purpose Cleaner powered by EcoClean® removes oily and greasy dirt of all kinds. For example, it is ideal for kitchen shelves, stoves, oven, plastic surfaces, aluminum, tiles, natural stones and much more.

Ingredients Cleaning concentrate:
Non-ionic surfactants <5-15%, anionic surfactants < 5%, ethanol (plant -based) <1%, dye, complexing agent (plant-based) <1%, perfume from renewable resources <1%.

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