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Zoe Cotton Homewear Set - Caramel

Zoe Cotton Homewear Set – Caramel

CHF 139.00

Hand-Painted Wooden Easter Eggs

CHF 65.00
Hand-Painted Wooden Easter Eggs

Hand-Painted Wooden Colorful Easter Eggs

CHF 65.00

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A gift box of 5 wooden eggs which were hand-painted with much care and passion by my mom (with the help of my dad as well). We wanted to create a traditional, timeless Easter decoration as a family project.

Hang the eggs on Easter twigs or simply place them on a shelf or in a basket. We hope they will bring you much joy and cheer this season!

Each egg comes with a handmade and hand-dyed silk ribbon. You can unscrew (and screw it back later) the little hook on top if you would like to remove the ribbon.

Egg size: 7 cm.


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