Dark Blue Pottery And Flowers Art Print

Dark Blue Pottery And Flowers Art Print

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Common Modern Pencil Box Set of 6

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Common Modern Pencil Box Set of 6

Selwyn House Wood Balm

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Unique mixture to keep all your wooden products looking their best! Completely plant-based, vegan friendly and free of petroleum-based oils, we now use this fantastic blend across all our pieces.

A blend of walnut oil, candelilla wax and cold-pressed lemon oil, this semi-solid balm is suitable for boards, bowls, utensils, even tabletops. There’s no added colors, just a hint of a fresh lemon scent and all the moisture your wood needs. Simply apply with a lint-free cloth all over your item, allow the wood to absorb the balm for half an hour then buff with a dry cloth to remove any residue. We recommend applying this balm at least every few months, but it can be used more often whenever your items look in need of moisture and rejuvenation.

Supplied in a 60ml screw-top recyclable aluminum container, with instructions on the reverse. This amount is enough to take care of a board for several years and makes a great addition to any of our wooden items!

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