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Notepad Guide: Bringing Efficiency On A New Level Without Stress

It seems like life nowadays turned into a constant success measuring program (not without flattering social media content of course), and the word ‘productivity’ gained almost annoying definition. However, daily routine still stays multitasking, and we at Home & Fleur believe, that there are ways to handle it in the best slow living traditions and with elegance: it’s all about smart organisation. So here you find a selection of different purpose notepads that are willing to help to be always on track.

Weekly Desk Pads. Use it as a stationary desk accessory to have a full week overview (and to enjoy fantastic floral prints of course) – the possibility to forget about an important appointment is coming to a zero. Also a helping thing for a business owners to have a weekly posting plan in front of you and to generate ideas for the next days.

Checklist Notepads and To-do Lists. For those who like to prepare ‘to do’ list and not to miss a task as well as to strike it out afterwards with a fully satisfying feeling.

Simple Blank Notepad is ready to hand for a phone number or a note. There is something so heart-warming to drop a line to your family members or to find a handwritten note on the table, instead of using a messenger.

Rifle Paper Co. Meal Planner & Shopping List Notepad with an attachable magnet to keep it in plain sight. Let these two notepads take responsibility for cooking, so you don’t need to spend time inventing something new everyday and think what groceries to buy. Make once a plan and just follow it.

Notebook Set of 3 or 2 perfect as a small complimentary gift for those who begin going to school or starting a new job.

Dot Grid Journal is designed for the bullet journal method. If you hear about it for the first time, it’s a system of writing down tasks, events and notes in a certain ‘bullet’ way not to let your thoughts bubble up throughout the day, but to bring them onto the page. According to the author of the method, Ryder Carroll, bullet journal helps to transform life into more productive and meaningful at the same time and helps to go from passenger to pilot of your own life.

It’s always a smart idea to start a new life chapter – project, job or apartment renovation – with a new notebook, where you can collect all the thoughts, clippings, inspiration to have them at a glance. New softcover Rifle Paper Co. Spiral Notebook with squared pages and astonishing floral design will perfectly suit for this purpose. A big format Dusk Florals Thought Jotter Notebook with lined and blank pages will help as well to find space for all of your inklings, notes, doodles and daydreams. 

Choose a writing pen or pencil to have more fun with handwriting and delegate to one of those notepads the necessity to keep all thoughts and daily tasks in your head.

Feel more relaxed and confident that all of your duties are supervised!

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